Replacement Siding that Achieves a Natural Wood Look

Many homeowners have resigned themselves to the idea that low maintenance siding comes at the expense of aesthetics and curb appeal. And, until recently, that was true. Even fiber cement siding, which for years was the best option if you wanted siding that looks like wood without the upkeep, needs at least some maintenance and occasional painting.

On the other hand, if you were willing to give up the authentic look of wood in exchange for having virtually no maintenance, vinyl was the best choice. As hard as the industry has tried, vinyl siding has never been able to achieve the same natural wood look as other products. Part of the reason for that is that certain trim pieces must be used during a vinyl siding installation that you typically don’t see with wood siding. Even with the advent of wider profiles in vinyl siding that were created specifically to look more natural and compete with wood and fiber cement products, vinyl siding still isn’t able to match the organic look of wood.

Steel and aluminum siding suffer from some of the same limitations as vinyl, including the fact that a narrower profile (4-inches) is the most common style, which looks less natural than products with wider reveals. Many homeowners rule out vinyl, aluminum, and steel siding for that reason alone. Of course, metal sidings also tend to have more shine than natural wood, which further ruins the illusion of a natural product.

Today, however, polymer siding overcomes all of those failings and offers homeowners a siding choice that is paint-free, requires little to no maintenance, and is virtually indistinguishable from natural cedar.

Another huge benefit of polymeric siding is that the best siding installers can “float” the product when they install it, which can help mask any irregularities in the underlying wall. A word of caution – this technique does require a highly qualified siding installer and there are limits to just how much waviness can be hidden. But just the same, it’s a major selling point over fiber cement, wood, and engineered siding products that must be hard nailed and will thus mirror or even accentuate any flaws in the wall.

Buresh Home Improvements is pleased to offer Everlast Polymer Siding to Iowa homeowners. We are excited to combine our years of siding installation experience with what we believe to be the finest siding product to come along in many years. If you’d like to learn more about Everlast Siding or get a free, no-obligation estimate for a siding replacement on your home, contact us today!